Understand this. When you have mortgage arrears

Understand this. When you have mortgage arrears

Challenging a water services bill

You should contact your water company and explain why you think it’s wrong if you believe your bill is wrong. You ought to be capable of finding their contact information in your bill.

If you’re maybe not pleased with your water company’s reaction, it is possible to whine regarding the water business.

If you were to think you’re maybe not accountable for a water supply bill, or if your bill is just too high, check:

  • You used to live when you moved into and out of the property, if the bill is for somewhere
  • if so when you told your water company you had been going, in the event that bill is actually for somewhere you utilized to reside
  • for just about any leakages, within your property or outside, when you yourself have a water meter

If you have been contacted of a tax or benefit credit overpayment

It’s likely you have been told you’ve been overpaid because of a blunder, or because some information regarding you had been incorrect as soon as the advantage decision ended up being made.

Find out what to accomplish in the event that you’ve been told:

If the mortgage was signed by you contract you will end up accountable for any home loan arrears. If the agreement was signed by you with somebody else you will be jointly accountable for any arrears. (mais…)

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